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When a person learns that it is necessary to have an eye removed the news creates understandable concern and apprehension.  As Ocularists with 45 years of experience, we understand the time it will take to adjust to how this situation will affect the person's life, appearance and ability to function.

Modern Advances

Today, thanks to remarkable advances by Ocularists and new ocular implants, the loss of an eye no longer has to mean the loss of a natural appearance. With the development of motility implants like the Bio-eye ® Ocular Implant, near normal eye motion is possible


 An ocularist is a person who is skilled in the design, fabrication, and fitting of artificial eyes and in the making of prostheses associated with the appearance or function of the eyes.

Something that is often not considered at the beginning of an eye loss, but which becomes an important factor after surgery, is how one is going to look and deal with an ocular prosthesis (artificial eye), and most importantly the Ocularist you select to fit your prosthesis. In most cases your ophthalmic surgeon will refer you to an Ocularist they have confidence in. Having your doctor's guidance at this time is very important to your ultimate result. If your doctor is not acquainted with an Ocularist, we invite you to consult with our staff before you decide where to have your ocular prosthesis fit.

Patient Support

 Kolberg Ocularist Products, Inc. has built this website to provide information for the ocular prosthetic patient. This site and the worldwide patient support it contains, will provide you not only with a source of encouragement, but indeed offers many good reasons to have optimism about your life for now and the future to come.

Take a few moments to review the patients stories. After reading the individual experiences of others, we are sure you will find a story that relates to your own personal circumstances. We encourage you to correspond with your counterparts around the world since many of them have been through eye loss and share your feelings.

We're Here to Help

Remember this, you are not alone...We created this website to help you and provide you with useful information based on forty five years of experience. We have fitted thousands of prosthetic eye patients from every part of the globe with ocular prostheses and flush fitting scleral shells allowing these patients to return to normal and active lives. If needed we can help you find an ocular plastic surgeon where you live that can possibly provide you with eye motion to your ocular prosthesis.

Please feel free to contact our office manager Russ Pierce to arrange an appointment for a consultation with our Board Certified Ocularists. Consultations include postoperative ocular prosthesis fitting, or the refitting of your current ocular prosthesis.